13th July 2024: [Talk] Empirical Relationships between Odontomas and Organs / Diseases (inclusive of Peter Nai Award Dinner Ceremony)
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13th July 2024: [Talk] Empirical Relationships between Odontomas and Organs / Diseases (inclusive of Peter Nai Award Dinner Ceremony)

CanSurvive Centre Malaysia is excited to invite you to our upcoming talk (& Dr. Peter Nai Award Ceremony) on

Topic: Empirical Relationships between Odontomas and Organs / Diseases

Date: 13th July 2024, Saturday

Time: 5pm-9pm

Speaker: Prof. Dr Thomas Rau,MD

Venue: Bukit Kiara Equestrian  & Country Club

Jalan Bukit Kiara,

50490 Kuala Lumpur



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Registration fee: RM 80 per person (inclusive dinner)

Please pay using link below:

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Monthly Talk attendance and dinner at the Dr. Peter Nai Award Ceremony with special guest speaker Prof. Dr Thomas Rau on 13 July 2024. Presentation, followed by sumptuous dinner 

Meal option:Dinner served will be Non-Veg and Vegetarian (no eggs or dairy)

Parking is free at the locality. 

Enquiry Hp: Jenny  + 60 16-333 7710

Enquiry email: cansurviveevents@gmail.com

Cancellation Clause: Payment is non-refundable upon cancellation


If diseases such as caries, dead teeth or periodontitis remain untreated over a longer period, the resulting bacteria and toxins may spread throughout the entire organism. The consequences can take the form of pneumonia, back and neck pain, heart attack, stroke or even cancer. Dr Thomas Rau’s findings show that many serious diseases can have their cause in dental foci, in line with Dr George Meinig. Dr Rau was Dr Meinig’s personal student many years ago in California.

The American researcher Dr Weston Price found that most of the root canal treated teeth were spreading pathological and even cancerogenic bacteria into the body and created a significant load to the immune system. The bacteria and their toxins were spreading not only in the tooth but also, to the bone around the tooth, leaking bacteria into the jaws, bloodstream and the body (focal Infection). 

Dr Meinig updated Price’s work by bringing electron microscope images into the discussion showing how even in modern day endodontic bacteria was being left behind in the dentinal tubules of the teeth. Dr Rau and his team, over the decades, found the relationship between infected teeth and diseases, even measurable in blood. (Rantes Test)

According to both Meinig and Price, root canal treatments can be, and are usually successful in genetically strong patients who have excellent immune systems. If the body is already dealing with an immune challenge, infected teeth just add more stress to an already taxed immune system, and visa-versa. Any infection in the body is bad. Just because a tooth does not hurt or there is no swelling does not mean it is healthy. In his speech, Dr Rau will give case samples and explanations on the relationship between teeth and diseases.

About the Speaker

Prof. Dr Thomas Rau, MD has been a physician for 40 years (and led the world-renowned Paracelsus Clinic to great reckoning). He has been treating chronic diseases holistically and extremely successfully for decades, that people have come to him from all over the world; even representatives of royal families. With Prof. Dr Rau, the hopeless cases continue to accumulate even today.

His new Sonnenberg clinic has become a kind of boutique clinic, in which the patients are not only medically cared for, but also for culinary with the collaboration of the restaurant chain Tibits. True to Hippocrates: let food be your medicine – and medicine be your food. Thus truly “bio – logical” – the biological medicine in the Biomed Sonnenberg is for everyone to experience hope – to become pain-free without surgery; for able and for long-suffering people with the diagnosis chronic debilitating diseases. At the Swiss Biological Medicine Academy Dr Rau teaches the methods of “biological medicine” to physicians via seminars internationally to expand the knowledge of biological medicine.

We are looking forward to having you with us.

Kind regards,

CanSurvive CentreMalaysia Secretariat